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Our Export Information

Al Jawhara Group is currently one of the leading companies in the export of their products outside the Arab Republic of Egypt. Where the products group different from the food spread significantly and that in the Arab and African countries as well as some European countries and this is due to an improvement in the quality level that meets the many levels of global and arrived at in these countries they are competing products and this is also due to the ongoing research carried out by the company and export department, which led to high product quality and occupation of the power center and acceptable between global products in these markets, which led to the significant increase in turnout by the people who have made these products.

It consists of the export department of the most efficient elements that always works to improve the product continuously through Altgarier which is for them, which in turn provide senior management until the company maintains its position in foreign markets and Arabic.

Our Export Vision

  • Providing a high quality product comparable in quality with similar global products, matched with the specifications of local and global health, and manufacturing the highest quality raw materials.
  • Classy and high-quality external designs for the packing materials.
  • Diversity and constant renewal for the prosecution of the rapid development in the food industry.
  • Provide competitive prices to the agents which help them to invade the markets and achieve the desired goals.
  • The flexibility in the manufacturing of packaging and sizes manner that meets the needs and the taste of the consumer of each market.
  • Providing a distinctive logistic services through the export department staff whom have experience and high efficient.
  • Client Support : Marketing and logistical.
  • Pinciple of the ongoing commitment with the sole agent.
  • Punctuality.

Export Department Contacts

  • Mr. Adel Salama

  •   Director of Export Department of the Arab countries, as well as each of Sudan and Guinea.
  •   33 A Ramsis Street, Marouf Building, Gate B, Cairo, Egypt.
  •   Arabic and English
  •   +2010 06023392
  •   +202 25767793
  •   +202 25799222
  •   adel.salama@aljawharagroup.com

  • Mr. Mohamed El Wakkad

  •   Director of Export Department of African and foreign, as well as each of Lebanon, UAE, Syria and Algeria.
  •   Gebriel Shamaa Street from Gamela Abo Herad Street, First Floor, El Seuouf, Alexandria, Egypt.
  •   Arabic, English and French
  •   +2010 06023393
  •   +203 3309900
  •   +203 3306522
  •   m.wakkad@aljawharagroup.com
  •   33 A Ramsis Street, Marouf Building, Gate B, Cairo, Egypt.
  •   +202 25768027
  •   +202 25776966
  •   08001000000 (Free line)
  •   info@aljawharagroup.com
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